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Customer Loyalty Program

Energize your customers and develop
a loyal and engaged customer base.
Drive more frequent visits and raise
average spend per visit.

Convert Your Casual Customers Into Repeat Customers with a loyalty program.


It works with multiple virtual merchant services. Our register applications on Poynt such as Poynt’s register of Lightning Register have improved the POS system for businesses in Oregon City.

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Comprehensive customer database

  • Total control over your customer data.
  • Customer ranked to gauge their value to business.
  • Complete customer purchase history.
  • Control over customer wallet.
  • Attach notes to your customers.

Start in 5 minutes but have room to grow your program.

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Reward customers with loyalty programs for their behavior

  • Reward customers for enrolling
  • Referring other customers
  • Social media activity
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Equally effective for either a single store or multiple stores linked together.


Powerful marketing campaigns

  • Either choose from pre-defined create-and-forget
    campaigns or create customer campaigns.
  • Target customers based on visit frequencey, purchase history, demographics, location and ranking.
  • Email and text campaigns supported.

Choose from 8 different types of offers to keep your customers coming back.


Give your customers a voice using our intuitive and integrated and survey capability.

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