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Whether you're looking for a new point-of-sale system, more customers, saving on credit card processing rates or you need a small business loan, Business Zone Pro is here to support you and your business.

What We Do

lower Credit Card Processing fees

Are you stuck paying hundreds of dollars a month in credit card processing fees? Business Zone Pro has many different programs that will save you money. Try our Unlimited Credit Card Processing program: process all of your transactions for only $45 a month!

Point-of-Sale Systems (POS)

In today's day and age, businesses have to accept quite a few different payment methods: cash, credit and debit cards, Apple and Google Pay, and more! With our Point-of-Sale systems, you'll be able to accept all of these payment methods, create loyalty programs and even issue and accept gift cards!

Website Creation and Re-Design

One of the easiest ways to get new customers is through your business's website. With a modern, simple-to-navigate website, potential customers can find your business easily and you'll have a higher conversion rate!

Digital Ads and Search engine optimization

Digital ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are a great way to drive customers to your site without creating extra work for you. Once you're set up, customers drive themselves to your site and you'll be making money in your sleep!

Access to Capital

Are you looking to open another location? Wanting to invest in some new assets for your business? We're here to help you get the small business loan you need, regardless of your FICO score.

Lower Processing Rates

We'll save you money on your credit card processing rates, or we'll write you a check for $1,000.

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Get More Customers

Business websites are no longer optional in today's society. Our websites are designed to make you money.

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Business Loans

If you're looking for quick, easy access to capital for your business, you've come to the right place!

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Expand Your Accepted Payment Methods

With our cutting edge Point-of-Sale systems, you'll be able to accept:

  • Cash
  • Debit and Credit Cards (Chip and Magnetic Strip)
  • EBT Cards
  • Contactless Payments
  • Gift Cards

Flexible, Secure Payments


NFC Transfers

Magnetic Strip

Gift Cards

Credit Cards

And More!

SMART Website Creation & Re-Design

Not all web sites are created equal. Clients love a website that’s easy to use and navigate. A SMART site uses advanced technologies in slick manners, which fosters engagement, generates affinity, sparks passion, motivates visitors to take actions, promotes social interaction, promotes conversion, drives revenue, and increases website visibility.

  • Designed to Fit Your Branding
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Professional Copywriters
  • Flexible Layouts
  • Professional Graphic Designers
  • Website and Tech Support

Get The Small Business Loan You Need

Business Zone Pro provides access to capital that is designed to get you the financing you need under the terms that work best for you. Managing a business is a fulfilling, but complicated task which requires large amounts of your time, dedication and effort. Getting the funds you need to expand your business in a timely manner is not only our priority, but our responsibility as your financing partner.

  • Easy Application Process
  • Funds Available Within 48 Hours
  • Fast Application Processing
  • Your Info is Always Secure

What Business Owners Are Saying

Marie J. 

WOW! Business Zone Pro saved me SO much money on my credit card processing fees. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month, I just pay $45 flat! I highly recommend you take advantage of their low rates. I took them up on their $1,000 check offer just to see if they could help me, and now I'm saving more than $500 a month!

david p.

My website was very outdated and I was losing money every day by not converting visitors to my website. With Business Zone Pro, I got an incredible, modern website and signed up for a month of digital ads. My conversion rate went up over 100%. I can't stress enough how much Business Zone Pro has helped my business.

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