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Point of Sale for Grocery Stores

Transact Optimally with the ASH Grocery Store POS

Organize, Optimize and Transact in One Place

Your clients depend on you for the products and services they love.

Grocery stores process thousands of dollars per day and manage a multitude of products that must be tracked correctly for inventory. The old days of writing down prices and using a calculator is over. We must be prepared to keep track of surcharges, discounts, food stamps, and more.

Business Zone Pro in Oregon City offers a point-of-sale system with the flexibility to manage product information that is essential to your business.

Register lets you optimize your catalog in order to process transactions accurately and efficiently, making your and your client’s payment experiences seamless

The Flexibility You Need To Run Your Business

  •   Create a hierarchy of Catalogs, Categories and Products to suit your business’s needs
  •   Easily apply custom taxes, surcharges and discounts, which ensures that you and your staff apply the right charges at the right time
  •   Manage your inventory with convenient reports, like item-level reporting, which tell you what is and isn’t selling
  •   Process refunds directly from the Register, preventing the need to jump from screen to screen

Register comes pre-programmed on all ASH Terminals; for many customers, it is a tool they cannot live without. Merchants can easily create or modify their catalog. Register is an advanced POS system to optimize merchant services in your grocery store.


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