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All-in-One Point of Sale Solution

The first payment terminal you’ll love, and the last one you’ll need.

As a business, you must be prepared to accept credit cards. Few people even carry cash. It is important to have an efficient POS system for credit card processing at your business. Service oriented businesses need a portable option where they can manually enter credit card information. Business Zone Pro in Oregon City is offering the solution.

With Business Zone Pro, paying with credit cards is faster and easier, with a single slot for both mag stripe and chip cards,

Plus there’s an NFC reader for Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and everything else.

Thw smooth lines of the Poynt smartterminal in profile
The Poynt smart terminal looking stylish
The Poynt smart terminal from the back

There’s a big beautiful touch screen for you — plus a dedicated screen for your customers.

Customers can select their receipt preferences (print, email, none), choose a tip (without all the awkwardness), and digitally sign or enter pin for their transaction (if applicable).

The Poynt smart terminal 's simple display
The Poynt smart terminal from an angle

Designed to fit on any counter-top and works as a mobile solution too.

The Poynt Smart Terminal comes with a built in scanner and printer, but can also connect to your existing cash drawers, scanners, registers — whatever via USB on the docking station, so you can do business however you like to.

Poynt also comes with WiFi and 3G options, so you can make transactions from anywhere.

details of the Poynt smart terminal's bottom
A Poynt smart terminal in profile
Details of the Poynt smart terminal's icons

And it’s way more than just a terminal.

Poynt is also a smart tablet with other cool apps and features — like a register app, clock-in clockout, loyalty cards, QuickBooks sync, and more. And Poynt keeps getting new apps all the time.

The Poynt terminal from above

Poynt HQ—a remote control for your business—comes free with Poynt.

Poynt HQ is a command center for your business where you can monitor your sales, refund transactions, get business insights and alerts, see your best customers, settle with one click — plus a ton more.

And with the Poynt HQ App for your phone, you can do all this from anywhere. That’s the beauty of having smart technology

The Poynt HQ system on desktop as well as at point of sale
The Poynt HQ app displayed on a tablet
Two phones showing the Poynt HQ phone app

And if you need help, there’s a help app right on the home screen. Because great technology deserves great support

A Poynt happy customer using the products at his desk

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