Credit Card Processing

The Situation

Every business owner has experienced it: needing to take credit card payments and attempting to navigate the labyrinth of different providers, rates, and terms and conditions. Providers spring hidden fees on you, forcing you to pay more than you originally agreed. They'll lock you in to year-long (or even longer!) contracts and include clauses in the fine print to make them more money at the expense of your small business.

You ending up paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month in fees. What if we told you there was a better way to accept credit card payments?

Your Problem

You're paying more in credit card processing fees than you need to.

Your Solution

At Business Zone Pro, we partner with Expitrans to offer you incredibly-low credit card processing rates. We have two main programs:

Unlimited Credit Card Processing Program

This program allows you to accept as many credit card payments as you need to every month for a flat $45. No hidden fees; no secret language in the terms and conditions. $45 a month. Period.

Cash Discount Program

With a cash discount program, you'll pay $0 in credit card processing fees. Customers are offered a discount for paying with cash. If they choose to pay with a card, the cost of processing the payment is already factored into the total cost of the product.

If we can't save you money on your credit card processing,

we'll cut you a check for $1,000. Seriously.

start saving money today!

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