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Refer a Customer to Us and Get $50!

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When you refer a new customer to Business Zone Pro and they enroll in one or more of our services, we will give you $50! Fill out the form below with information for a small business owner you know, and get your $$ ASAP!

Services we provide:

  • Access to capital (small business loans)
  • Lower credit card processing rates than the leading providers
  • Point of Sale systems, software, and installation
  • Website design
  • Digital ads

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Get More Customers with Pegasus Online and BZP!

Get a 1-Page Gameplan to find your business’s online strengths and weaknesses! Pegasus Online’s 1-Page Gameplan, also called a SMART Marketing Report, outlines the online traffic you’re currently receiving, and shows critical areas that could be causing deficits in leads and lack of engagement from potential customers. It also compares your digital footprint to your… Continue Reading

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