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Get More Customers with Pegasus Online and BZP!

Get a 1-Page Gameplan to find your business’s online strengths and weaknesses!

Pegasus Online’s 1-Page Gameplan, also called a SMART Marketing Report, outlines the online traffic you’re currently receiving, and shows critical areas that could be causing deficits in leads and lack of engagement from potential customers. It also compares your digital footprint to your competitors, allowing you to see what’s working for them and gain a competitive edge. The Gameplan is a great way to start thinking about your business’s online presence in a new light; plus, you’ll get suggestions on how to improve your website and widen your business’s digital footprint.

Included in the 1-Page Gameplan:

  • Your Website
  • Local Listings Visibility
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Digital Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each section is rated out of ten. Three columns will provide an analysis of each section, Pegasus’s recommendations on how to improve, and how quickly they suggest you start working on each section. Once you’ve submitted your request for a Gameplan, you’ll receive a custom video explaining what your Gameplan means for your business.

Business Zone Pro — through Pegasus Online — offers services to facilitate the development of each section, if you’d like help with website design, optimizing your current website for search engines, or other options.

A Sample 1-Page Gameplan Custom Video:

Business Zone Pro and Pegasus Online have helped hundreds of business owners just like you radically improve their bottom line and gain a huge online advantage against their competition.

Ready to get more customers and overwhelm your competitors?

Request Your 1-Page Gameplan Now!

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