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Local Non-Profit Spotlight!

Bloomin’ Boutique is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to providing new clothes, shoes, bedding, and personal care items to underprivileged children and those entering the foster care system.


  • Bloomin’ Boutique — Our base, comprehensive program of assistance providing new clothing, shoes, bedding, and personal care items for boys, girls, and infants (K-12)
  • Bloomin’ Baby — Newborn assistance program for teen moms
  • Summer Get Away Package — Camp assistance program
  • Cap & Gown — Assistance program for high school graduates
  • HAND UP for Higher Education — Education scholarship fund

Bloomin’ Boutique was forced to cancel all major fundraising events due to COVID-19 pandemic and its limitations on large gatherings; however, they are determined to remain a stable resource that low-income families can count on.

Business Zone Pro is partnering with Bloomin’ Boutique to fundraise for this important cause. Please consider donating to support underprivileged families in these trying times. Large or small, every contribution plays an important part in turning lives around.

Bloomin’ Boutique has no paid staff, so 94% of all funds collected go directly to support the children.

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