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Benefits of a Customer Loyalty Program

Do you have a coffee shop that you visit more often, just because they have a punch card? Or a grocery store that offers gas points for shopping at the store? Most of us have a brand that we are use more often because of their customer loyalty program.

A great loyalty program becomes part of a customer experience. It even motivates customers to come back. There are many types of loyalty programs which vary for your type of business. With careful planning, you can customize a program that benefits your business. Not convinced? Keep reading…

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs

Increases Sales

A customer loyalty program can increase customer retention which boosts profits because customers already trust your brand. When they trust your brand and know they are receiving points or a discount from your loyalty program, they are willing to spend more.

Save Money

It is cheaper to retain customers than market for new customers. Acquiring new customers can be 25% more expensive than marketing strategies for current customers.

Gather Customer Information

A loyalty program can help you gather valuable information about your clientele. Encouraging customers to build profiles, not only helps you personalize the customer experience but optimize future marketing campaigns.

Make Customers Feel Appreciated

Everyone needs to feel appreciated. A thoughtful customer loyalty program can build an emotional connection with your brand. For example, you could give a $10 gift on their birthday.

Improved Communication

A loyalty program provides a direct method to communicate with customers. This works efficiently with an app or email. You can alert customers of a holiday sale or new product.

A customer loyalty program can help grow your business. They just require thought and planning. If you are interested in implementing a customer loyalty program, contact Business Zone Pro in Oregon City. We have developed a loyalty app to engage customers and keep them coming back.

When to Get a POS System

At some point, many business owners make the leap to getting a Point-of-Sale (POS) system. The question is when? Every business has different needs. The following are a few common factors when it is time to make the transition to a POS. Continue Reading

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